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Here it is in a NUT SHELL
Per our current by-laws we must have 
15 Members to have a Quorum to conduct business! 

We have 44 members
1 is laid up with illness
3 are Honorary Members in care facilities
(we have average 12-14 in attendance)
Where is everyone else??

Since October 29th 2016 meeting the ONLY business we have been able to conduct 
was the Admittance of  Lyoyd Wilbur (W2RTT) and his Wife (at Christmas Party)

Thankfully the Budget for the "Hamfest" had been approved last spring 
and no additional moneys were required

HOWEVER!!! we do have monthly expenses 
as well as event budgets and other business to be Taken care of 

Events require planning and time to put together
So this LACK of interest means 
BILLS can not be PAID
FEES can not be PAID
• NO PICNIC (budget can not be Approved)
• NO FIELD DAY (budget can not be Approved)
• NO CHRISTMAS PARTY (budget can not be Approved)
• NO HAMFEST 2018 (budget can not be Approved)

NEXT MEETING is February 25th 2017
for the majority of members the new location is closer to home

(but no more than a additional 8 minutes travel time for those whom it is further from)

at Warrens Corners Methodist Church

5293 Stone Rd. Lockport, NY 14094


NEW LARA Meeting Location

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