~ L.A.R.A. Membership & Application ~
Our Association Year Runs From September to August of the following Year
~ ○ ~
All  Memberships, End on the Friday before the September Meeting
Dues must be paid by September Meeting to maintain Active Membership in Association
(with a grace Period to November given for Current Association Members )
~ ○ ~
New Membership Requests are Accepted All Year Long
( New members are Voted upon at next regular meeting after Application Receipt) 
~ ○ ~
Dues collected are used for Yearly Operating expenses, 
so unfortunately there is no discount for mid Year, new  memberships
~ ○ ~
Applications & Dues accepted at our April & May  Meeting  or recieved through our Summer break
ARE applied to Next year

~ Θ ~

Membership Dues Are:

$15 for an Individual
$20 for a Family Individual + Family member
Additional Family members in same household are $5 each

We do except Non Licensed HAMS in Training
And Non Licensed Family Members

• Pick the Correct file format
• DOWNLOAD the file  to your computer
• Open the file in your Word Processor,

and then it can be Completed & Printed correctly.