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Christmas Ideas

Looking for something Different for your favorite HAM??
A Ham Offering an Idea
I'd like to introduce myself to the club members, 
my name is Ray Keefe K2RJK, QTH is Jackson, NJ

For a long time, I've been a "wood butcher".  I don't consider myself a craftsman, at least not a craftsman in the caliber of Norm Abram, from the New Yankee Workshop.  He makes great pieces and I'm great at making great piles of sawdust and a general mess, (just ask my XYL).

For many years now, I have offered these items at local hamfest's here in the New Jersey / Pennsylvania area where they have been very popular.  I kept getting the same question do I have a website? Do I take credit cards? I had to answer no each time. Both of those issues are now resolved.

I recently opened a shop on ETSY.COM, a website devoted to hand made items, where I offer my hand made items, geared to the ham radio operator and the ham shack. 
 On Etsy the customer can pay with a CC checkout or if they prefer pay from their Paypal account.

Many times the XYL's or YL's are not hams and don't know what to get their hubby or significant other, for their birthday, anniversary, or special holiday.

Problem solved, get him a desk call sign on it or clock with his call sign in it.  Each one is truly one of a kind and custom hand crafted for them.

Sometimes both are hams then it's easy again his and hers desk call signs or clocks with their respective call sign on them.

If anyone has any questions please don't hesitate to contact me. Please feel free to :fwd this email to your club members as appropriate.