This Page is your Link, to other Local Radio Associations & Clubs
 ARAST  W2ZJ Amateur Radio Association
147.360+ of the Southern Tier 
 ARATS W2SEX Amateur Radio Association
146.955+ PL 151.4 of the Tonawandas
 BUTLER K3BRZ The Breeze Shooters
Ten Meter Club 28.480 mhz Amateur Radio Club
 CCAFMA K2HE Chautauqua County
146.94 PL 127.3 Amateur FM Association
DARC WA2AAZ Drumlins
146.745 PL 110.9 Amateur Radio Club
 KLARA KB2WXV Keuka Lake
147.330 PL 110.9 Amateur Radio Association
 LARC W2SO Lancaster
Amateur Radio Club
 OCARC WA2DQL Orleans County
145.270 PL 141.3 Amateur Radio Club
 NRC W2QYV Niagara Radio Club
443.925 + PL 151.4 – St. Mary's Repeater
442.575 + PL: 107.2 – NCCC Repeater
  NFWA Niagara Frontier Wireless Association
 NWPA K3WWA Wattsburg & Union City
Wireless Associations
 PROS K2PRO Pioneer Radio
Operator's Society
 RAGS W2AE Radio Amateurs of
146.31 / 91 Greater Syracuse
 RARA K2JD Rochester Amateur
Radio Association 
 RAWNY W2PE Radio Association
of Western New York
 UARC K2IQ Utica Amateur
Radio Club
 W.N.Y.S.O.R.C. Western New York Southern Ontario Repeater Council