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Treasurer's Vault

Often after the Reading of the Treasurer's Report At A Monthly Meeting
Members & Guest think, wow ... 
We have Lots of Money! 
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Our Associations Checking Account
 is Used for Our Yearly Expenses

                        • Insurance -  
We are required to carry Independent coverage
for ANY / ALL Activities & Events we attend or host .
To protect our Membership, Association property 
& Others Attending Event on our behalf or as Guests.

                        • P.O. Box rental

                        • Website Domain Name

                        • Repeater Council Membership (Required)

                        • ARRL Membership (Required)

                        • Association Hamfest Event Costs

                        • ARRL Field Days Event Costs

                        • Other Event Costs

                        • And Other Yearly repeating Fees...

Our Associations Savings Account
 is Not a Slush Fund, 

It is a Reserve in case we have a  Repeater Failure ...

The cost of replacing a damaged or disabled
 2 meter R
Installation / Equipment 
can be very high today

As of 2017 replacement costs were (each Year, these get higher)

                          • $350+ for a 2 meter 
Repeater Grade antenna

                          • $430+ SCom Controller (7330)

                          • $1,700+ for a 2 meter Repeater (current Yaesu DR1)

                          • $2,000+ for RX-TX Duplexer 

                          • $3,000+ For Hardline Low/Loss Coaxial Cable 
                             can run between $2 & $6 PER FOOT.
Considering length needed to • Exit Repeater Building,
Reach Tower and then go up Tower and connect to antenna.

And these Costs Do NOT Include:
• Hiring a Certified Insured Repair Person
( the Days of a HAM Volunteer are almost Gone)
• or Misc. Supplies Needed such as Sealant, clamps etc