2017 ARRL Field Days

The L.A.R.A. Field Days Event is

Scheduled to be at the "Hojack Park" Historical Grounds

645 Lake St. (Rt.425) Wilson N.Y.
(across from the Woodcock Brothers Brewery)



< Field Day is always the fourth full weekend of June >

(beginning at 1800 UTC {1:00 PM EST} Saturday 
and running through 2059 UTC {3:59pm EST } Sunday.)


SETUP 6:00 pm June 23rd, 2017

(meet at Hojak Park)

June 24th & 25th, 2017


Due to Site  Event Scheduling 
The L.A.R.A. event will be unable  to Operate  
thru to 2059 (3:59pm EST) National Event Scheduled End Time


LARA Members are Encouraged to Stop By & Take a Turn on the Radios

Remember this is Your Hobby & this is how we Learn 
and Improve our Operating techniques for operating
During  Emergencies or Disasters.

Even if you do not have a Radio, to bring down

Many of those that do bring theirs will share, 
just like would happen in a REAL Emergency or Disaster!

- Operating Bands -
Any Amateur Radio band except 
(12, 17, 30 and 60 Meters)
 ARRL Website                               ARRL on Facebook

Chairman: Mike ~ KC2VUB

Setup Crew & Primary Operators: 

The Members of LARA

Event is Open to Guests
And Those Interested in Hobby 

Need Information

Hojack Park at 645 Lake St. Wilson NY USA