(as Revised & Accepted on 4/28/2001)

ARTICLE I: Name and Purpose (Preamble)

Section 1.0)  We the undersigned being desirous of securing for ourselves the pleasures and benefits of the association of persons with the common

interest of AMATEUR RADIO do hereby enact this Constitution and By-Laws as our governing law.

Section 2.0)  The association shall be known as the Lockport Amateur Radio Association. (Herein referred to as LARA)

Section 3.0) The association shall pursue goals benefiting it's members pursuit and enjoyment of the hobby of Amateur Radio.

3.1 The development of it's members knowledge, understanding and skill in the Amateur Radio hobby.

3.2 The advancement of the Amateur Radio service in general.

3.3 To serve the community and the public through Amateur Radio.

3.4 To promote Amateur Radio as a valuable and beneficial avocation.

Section 4.0) The association shall obtain and maintain affiliation with the AMERICAN RADIO RELAY LEAGUE.


ARTICLE II: Membership

Section 1.0)  Membership in LARA shall be open to all persons who profess an interest in Amateur Radio and a willingness to abide by this constitution and by-laws.


Section 2.0)  Application for membership shall be made in writing at any regular meeting.


Section 3.0)  A member shall be accepted upon a majority vote of the members present at the meeting. Membership becomes effective upon payment of dues and voting rights begin with the following meeting.


Section 4.0)  Membership is kept on a yearly basis. A member is in arrears if his dues are not paid by the third meeting after the beginning of the organization's fiscal year. Delinquent members may regain member status within the same fiscal year by paying the dues in arrears. Past members from previous years must reapply as a new member.



Section 1.0)  In order to oversee the operation of LARA officers shall be elected. 

The officers shall be a President, Vice-President. a Secretary and Treasurer.


Section 1.1)  President. The President shall preside at all meetings of LARA and conduct the business of the club in accordance with this constitution and by-laws. The President shall decide all questions of order, enforce the constitution and by-laws, and sign all papers or constitution and by-laws adopted by LARA. The President shall perform all the customary duties of the office of President and represent the Club as such.


Section 1.2)  Vice-president. The Vice-President shall assume all duties of the President in the event of the Presidents temporary absence. The Vice-President shall chair the program and publicity committees. The Vice-President shall maintain close liaison between the club and emergency groups including the Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service and the ARRL Amateur Radio Emergency Service.


Section 1.3)  Secretary. The Secretary shall keep the normal records of the club and attend to all club correspondence. The Secretary shall record minutes and attendance of all meetings. The Secretary shall preside in the absence the President and Vice-President.


Section 1.4)  Treasurer. The Treasurer will keep the financial records and be custodian of all club property, reporting monthly and turning over all records, accounts and inventory of property to his successor on demand. The Treasurer shall make all records available for audit at the direction of the President. The Treasurer shall preside in the absence of all other Officers.


Section 2.0)  The Officers shall hold office for a term of one year. An Officer may be reelected to succeed himself. To be eligible to hold office nominees shall be members in good standing for no less than one year and hold a valid amateur radio operators license.


Section 3.0)  A nominating committee shall propose a slate of Officers for submission at the second-to-last meeting of the fiscal year. These candidates, plus any nominations from the floor, shall be voted upon at the Last meeting of the fiscal year. A quorum shall be present. Voting shall be held in the order of President, Vice-President, Secretary, then Treasurer. An unsuccessful candidate for an office may then be available for nomination for subsequent office. Secret ballots must be used in any contested election.


Section 4.0)  Vacancies occurring between elections must be filled by a special election at the next regular meeting.


Section 5.0)  Officers may be removed by the membership upon a motion and Three-quarters vote of the members in good standing at that date. Non-attendance of Officers shall be cause for removal.


Section 6.0)  In order to perpetuate the long-term interests and continuity of LARA, and advise the officers, there shall be established a Board of Directors.  This Board of Directors shall consist of five members in good standing for no less than one year, and hold a valid amateur radio operators license.

The terms of the Directors shall be for five years and be staggered so that there shall be one Director elected each year. An additional Director shall be elected if there is a vacancy due to resignation or lapse of membership of an existing Director and shall be for the remaining time of that term. The Board of Directors shall assist the incumbent officers in policy matters and long-range planning.

A meeting of the Board and Officers shall be held at least once each year and additional meetings may be called at the request of the President or three Directors.


ARTICLE IV: Meetings

Section 1.0)  Regular meetings are to be held monthly at a time and place set by the club. Meetings shall be set and announced prior to the close of the previous meeting.


Section 2.0)  Special meetings may be called by either the President or by request, presented to the President in writing, by five members in good standing. All members in good standing shall be notified by First Class U. S. Mail of any special meeting and it's purpose, time and place. Only such business indicated in the notice may be transacted at the special meeting.


ARTICLE V: Dues and Assessments

Section 1.0)  Dues necessary to carry on the normal and expected expenses of the operation of the Club shall be levied on an annual basis. The fiscal year for membership purposes shall commence in September and run through August of each year.

Section 1.1)    Dues rates for the following fiscal year may be set upon motion and vote of the membership at any regular meeting.

Section 2.0)  Assessments for special or unexpected expenses may be levied upon approval of the membership. Such assessments may be levied either on 9 per-capita basis or upon a participatory basis.


ARTICLE VI: Committees

Section 1.0 )  The President shall appoint any committees as needed to pursue the interests of the organization. The President is considered, out of courtesy, a member of each committee, even if unable to participate actively, and shall be kept informed of the committee's activity.


Section 2.0)  The President shall also appoint the following standing committees:

Section 2.1)  Radio Frequency Interference (RFI) Committee. This Committee shall assist members and affected parties with assistance and know-how to alleviate problems of interference to radio, television, telephone and other electronic devices.

Section 2.2)  Repeater Committee. This Committee shall maintain and operate a VHF or UHF repeater or repeaters for use of the club membership and the amateur community. This Committee shall maintain affiliation and frequency coordination of the Club's repeaters with the current frequency coordinating body for our area. Trustees of such repeaters shall be Committee members.


Section 3.0)  Club History. This Committee shall be appointed to preserve the history of the Club with pictures, articles, movies or video, awards or citations, past Secretary's records, Club newsletters and the like.


ARTICLE VII: Amendments.

Section 1.0)  This Constitution and By-laws may be amended in accordance with the following: 

Section 1.1)  Proposed amendments to the Constitution and By-laws most be submitted by a member in good standing in writing at a regular meeting.

The amendment shall be read at the meeting and upon acceptance, the amendment will be tabled for vote at the following meeting.

Section 1.2)  Proposed amendments, once accepted, may not be voted upon until the following meeting. The membership must be informed of the amendment along with notice of the meeting, by U. S. Mail.

Section 1.3)  Once notified, a two-thirds majority of those members in good standing, present at the meeting, shall constitute passage of the amendment.


ARTICLE VIII: Rules of Order.

Section 1.0)  A quorum shall be 15 or more members in good standing.

Section 2.0)  Robert's Rules of Order shall be used to govern all proceedings at each regular or special meeting. In the absence of specific rules for a question of order in this constitution and by-laws or Robert's rules, the President shall decide the question without further question of order.

Section 3.0)  Unless specified otherwise in this constitution and by-laws, all motions at regular or special meetings shall be passed upon a vote of 50% of the members in good standing present at the meeting.

ARTICLE IX: Dissolution of Association 

Section 1.0)  In the event the Association is dissolved, the Association shall be liquidated with the proceeds and remaining assets, thereof donated as designated by the Officers and Board of directors to other qualifying Amateur Radio Associations, Chapters, or Organizations in a manner the Board shall designate.

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