The Foxhunt was successfully held  May 10th, 2014
a Big thank you to Stu AE2SS and Pat KD2AGK who chaired this event 
and provided a memorable day for all


Couldn't have asked for a better day for this.
 Not too cold, not too hot, pleasant weather, pleasanter fellowship.

We had a great time in the morning.

First to find the Den at Openheim Park was Mike, (KC2VUB), 
followed by Dick (KB2TFD)  (about 20 feet behind Mike) and Linda.
Next was Bob, (K2RLD), who had just run his Equinox through the car wash, 
and hadn't but his antenna back on, 
but noticed I was full scale on his S meter, and figured I had to be close. 
Soon he found me without an antenna.

While Mike was busy putting his rig together to find the Fox, Dick started looking around and 
managed to find the Fox without a radio.

Gary, (WB2GLU) came in and using his tape measure yagi with a killer attenuator found the Fox 
fair and square with antenna and radio.

Hector, KB2VWB was the last to arrive, as he was handicapped by the wind disassembling his antenna.
(and rumor has it he got lost)

By consensus we decided that Dick and Gary shared the "win" 
and will be Team Hosts for the next Fox Hunt.

We do have a few chuckles to remember this one by.

1st batch of Pictures See Below