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Our VE's

As The Amateur Radio Hobby Moves Forward
Interest Must be Maintained But To Do This 
Requires Licenses Must Be Issued

The Main issue is The Lack Of VE's (Volunteer Examiners) that can administer the tests

If  You are an Advanced,  General or Amateur Extra


What does a Volunteer Examiner (VE) do?

FCC created the VEC system to provide initial
 licensing examination for prospective new hams
 and upgrade examination opportunities for those already licensed.
 FCC authorized VEC organizations oversee the work of their certified Volunteer Examiners (VEs)
and serve as a liaison between the exam applicants and the FCC.

Volunteer Examiners (VEs) are US licensed Radio Amateurs 
holding a General Class license or higher, 
who offer their time to administer the FCC licensing 
exams through a FCC authorized Volunteer Examiner 
Coordinator (VEC) organization. 

The ARRL VEC is the largest VEC organization in the US.  
A team of three or more ARRL VEs are able to test candidates
 applying for a new license or upgrading an existing license.

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With the Aid of Bob (N3AU) L.A.R.A. is now Associated with LAUREL VEC

And Can Now Offer FREE License Exams

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The Only Cost is Your Time & Effort!
Follow these three steps to become an ARRL Volunteer Examiner:

1.   Review the Volunteer Examiner Manual, paying special attention to 
      Chapter 2: Becoming a Volunteer Examiner.

2.   Complete and sign the VE Application form and open-book review *
      (40 question review).

3.   Please fax, mail or email forms (Adobe PDF file or scanned 
      JPEG image showing your real signature) to the address below: * *

      225 Main St 
      Newington, CT 06111  USA

      Fax: 860-594-0339



      * If you are already accredited with a
         VE organization outside the ARRL,  you must submit a copy 
         of your accreditation certification along with  a completed ARRL 
         VE application form to the above address.

    * * If the documents are faxed to the ARRL VEC, you need to mail the 
        original application for completion of accreditation since we require 
        your signature on file for identity confirmation on exam documents.

Once accredited, you will receive in the mail a colorful, 
laminated VE badge, and badge clip to wear at exam sessions 
and a certificate suitable for framing. 

Please allow 3-4 weeks for the ARRL VE badge and certificate to arrive.

Email a scan/picture of your ARRL VE Certificate
to Subject VE

Then Contact Bob (N3AU) to get LAUREL VEC credited