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Sunday Night LARA Net Controller Script

"Calling The Lockport Amateur Radio Association’s Sunday Night Net"

"Calling The Lockport Amateur Radio Association’s Sunday Night Net"

This is (Your Name and Call Sign) in (Your Location), New York. 
~ ☼ ~
I will be your net controller for this edition of the LARA net. 

This net meets every Sunday at 8 PM for the purpose of 
exchanging CLUB information and information of general Amateur interest. 

For the duration of the net I will be using the club call of W2RUI.
Membership in LARA is not necessary to participate 
and check-ins are welcome from all licensed Amateurs. 

When checking in please give the Club Call,  

Drop the repeater (un-key and re-key MIC) 
then follow with your CALL, NAME and QTH (location) for the log.
~ ☼ ~
If at any time during the net there is an emergency, 
Simply break in. We will assist in any way we can. 
~ ☼ ~
Let me take a stand by for any emergency use of the W2RUI Repeater 
(approx. ten seconds)

~ ☼ ~
As a reminder, following this net is the LARA Swap Net 
~ ☼ ~
It is the practice of this net to first take check-ins from club officers and board members,
 followed by general check-ins. 
~ ☼ ~
Now let’s open the net with check-ins from officers and board members. 

Call W2RUI.