Emergency Radio Orgs

Emergency Radio Orgs
( There Common Names and Who They Are )

Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service


RACES is the emergency communications provided
by the state & administered as part of the local
Civil Defense, Civil Preparedness, Emergency Management 

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Military Auxiliary Radio System

The United States Air Force Military Auxiliary Radio System
provides contingency communications support on
behalf of the men and women of the Department of Defense
and other U.S. Government users in support
of their important and diverse national security missions whenever, however and  wherever  required.

Amateur Radio and Emergency Communications


ARES is the emergency communications service provided by
ARRL & Managed By the ARRL Section Manager. 

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Skywarn is a volunteer program of trained
& Certified severe weather spotters.

If you wish to become a "Skywarn" storm spotter
Please Do so with Proper Training as Offered By the 

Courses & Certification are offered 
FREE by local groups

To become a spotter 
proper education is required in:

• Personal Safety • Storm Evaluation 
• What and When to report •
• Proper Reporting Procedures