For those who do not know yet the W2RUI Repeater HAS MOVED!

A lot has changed this year with The Lockport Amateur Radio Association. Our repeater has moved to a new location on Upper Mountain Road near Mt View Dr. We are now at the top of a 250ft tower, which gives us twice the coverage of our old site. That site was only 80ft. We can be heard as far south as Cuba, NY, and as far north as Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Our repeater is a Yaesu DR-2X which accepts both analog and Fusion on the input. Don’t forget, we have a CTCSS tone of 107.2 when programming your radios! All are welcome to key up and say hello. Someone is always listening! Last but not least, we have added Allstart to our repeater with a remote node. Our node# is 60050. If you are interested, try it out and have some fun!


Mike KB2TRU President

Here are some photographs of the new site.

LARA Meeting will be held 4/24/2024 time at 6:30 PM at Cambria Volunteer Fire Company, Inc 4631 Cambria-Wilson Rd (Rt. 425) Lockport, NY 14094

LARA will be holding a VE testing session at the Cambria Volunteer Fire Company, Inc 4631 Cambria-Wilson Rd (Rt. 425) Lockport, NY 14094

LARA will be holding a VE testing session  at 7 pm at the Cambria Volunteer Fire Company, Inc 4631 Cambria-Wilson Rd (Rt. 425) Lockport, NY 14094


Erie County ARES/RACES request for assistance for the Solar Eclipse April 8th

Good afternoon fellow operators.

Erie County ARES/RACES is still looking for volunteers to help with monitoring the area on the day of the eclipse event, Monday, April 8th. We would appreciate it if you would help us get the request out throughout your organizations.

We have two options for your participation, listed below. Duties are expected to be the same whichever you choose and the hours of operation are dependent on volume at your location and assigned duties.

For either option, you will be requested to provide some situational information in regards to the approximate number of attendees and traffic situation at regularly defined intervals. This WILL BE a fluid operation and Erie County officials may request additional information as the day and events unfold.

Please make sure you are prepared for your deployment. Working and pre-tested radio equipment (including event frequencies), food, drinks, medications, spare batteries, etc.

You will be asked to keep a log of your activities (ICS 214); the county would like to collect them for review.

***Most important, your task will be observation and reporting only. Other than immediate lifesaving measures (CPR), you should not get involved in any situations, this includes traffic control, behavior de-escalation, etc. You will relay these situations to the NCS which will in-turn report them to the appropriate division in the EOC.

Please consider volunteering for this upcoming event. Contact our Emergency Coordinator, Vince, , and let him know which option you'd like to participate in.

If you have signed up previously, please also send Vince a note to confirm your spot, , and let him know which option you are choosing.

We will have more information for our volunteers as we get closer to the date.

We thank you in advance for your assistance.

Greg Ramsdell - KD2MIC

ARES Assistant Emergency Coordinator  | Erie County Amateur Radio Emergency Service 

RACES Assistant Radio Officer | Erie County Radio Amateur Civil Emergency Service


Lockport has a DMR Repeater, N2CID that is open to anyone to use.

You can connect to this Talk Group via Hotspot or Repeater on

TGIF 310441, FreeDMR 310441, D-STAR REF891C, XLX891C, DCS891C, FUSION 48010 (Wx), G3 and DroidStar


You can connect directly to the WNY-DIGITAL network in pi-star by selecting the FreeDMR NewYork Master Server.

If you connect to Lockport N2CID repeater it is on 442.1875/447.1875 offset 5MHz

Hotspots use Time Slot 2 Color Code 1, Repeaters are dual-slot and use whatever TS the TG is on.

This repeater also now carries the LockPort LARA Talkgroup 14094 full-time as well on TS2

Thank You Another Great ARRL Field Day this Year !!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped set up and participated in this year's 2023 ARRL Field Day.  This year LARA  operated 4 radios.  4A WNY W3RUI    was the identification used when making contact on CW, Phone, and Digital modes. 

LARA at the Niagara County Fair August  7th 2022

*****Special thanks to Mantelli Trailer for the use of the trailer and tent.*****

*******LARA SWAPNET  Returns 9/24/2023 ******

LARA now has a DMR Talk Group on the TGIF Network.

Talk Group 14094

The Talk Group is presently not linked to any DMR Repeaters as of yet, but

if you have a DMR Hot Spot setup for the TGIF Network you can use TG 14094 anytime.

TGIF TG 14094 is open to HAM Radio Community.

All LARA  ask to use proper HAM Good manners and treat everyone on the TG 14094 with respect.

Otherwise, have Fun.