LARA MEETING 9/29/2021 6:30 PM

Just Confirmed time permitting there be a Home Brew Night after the meeting

The September 29th, 2021 LARA be at the Fire Hall and NY regulations now allow us to hold a socially distanced, in-person meeting, so all members are welcome at the fire hall tomorrow night!

If you cannot come to the fire hall but would still like to attend, we will also be connecting this meeting via Zoom. All members should have received an email from the club with more detailed information and the link to the Zoom online meeting.

THOSE TAKING A LICENSE TEST should arrive in person at the Fire Hall.

The meeting will start at or about 6:30 PM on Wednesday, 9/292021.

Thursday night Technical Zoom Meeting

Is Open All HAMs

Hi All,

Just a little reminder.

It's time for Bob's (N3AU) Thursday night's technical zoom meeting ( Now 7 PM). It will be an open discussion tonight. Bring your technical questions and we will do our best to answer them. See you there!

For information on how to get the login to the Zoom meeting Email either:

Robert Neufeld N3AU or Hector Carveth KB2VWD

LARA now has a DMR Talk Group on the TGIF Network.

Talk Group 14094

The Talk Group is presently not linked to any DMR Repeaters as of yet, but

if you have a DMR Hot Spot setup for the TGIF Network you can use TG 14094 anytime.

TGIF TG 14094 is open to HAM Radio Community.

All LARA ask to use proper HAM Good manners and treat everyone on the TG 14094 with respect.

Otherwise, have Fun.