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LARA Club meetings on Summer Break till September 2024

Upcoming Events 

June 8th 2024 LARA Summer Hamfest  8 AM doors open to public

ARRL Field Day 6/22/2024 thru 6/23/2024

Welcome our 2024-2025 Club Officer and Board Member


President Mike Schlee KB2TRU

Vice Pesident Jim Meahl KB2JM

Secretary Mark Christensen KB2GD

Treasurer Hector Carveth KB2VWD

Board Members

Term ends August 2029 Director ~ 5 Years Bradley, Jim N2BIC

Term ends August 2028 Director ~ 4 Years Angelo Delbalso WA2NNZ

Term ends August 2027 Director ~ 3 Years Dusen, Ronald WB4RON

Term ends August 2026 Director ~ 2 Year Tony Stokes KN1M 

Term ends August 2025 Director ~ 1 Years   Ethan Blanton KB8OJH  

For those who do not know yet the W2RUI Repeater HAS MOVED!

A lot has changed this year with The Lockport Amateur Radio Association. Our repeater has moved to a new location on Upper Mountain Road near Mt View Dr. We are now at the top of a 250ft tower, which gives us twice the coverage of our old site. That site was only 80ft. We can be heard as far south as Cuba, NY, and as far north as Toronto, Ontario, Canada. 

Our repeater is a Yaesu DR-2X which accepts both analog and Fusion on the input. Don’t forget, we have a CTCSS tone of 107.2 when programming your radios! All are welcome to key up and say hello. Someone is always listening! Last but not least, we have added Allstar to our repeater with a remote node. Our node# is 60050. If you are interested, try it out and have some fun!


Mike KB2TRU President

Here are some photographs of the new site.

Thank You Another Great ARRL Field Day this Year !!!!

Thanks to everyone who helped set up and participated in this year's 2023 ARRL Field Day.  This year LARA  operated 4 radios.  4A WNY W3RUI    was the identification used when making contact on CW, Phone, and Digital modes. 

LARA at the Niagara County Fair August  7th 2022

*****Special thanks to Mantelli Trailer for the use of the trailer and tent.*****