Sunday Night SwapNet


Dale N2YJJ is the  Swap Net Controller

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June through late September Swapnet goes on Summer break

Please Note Products listed on the LARA SwapNet must be HAM-related in nature. 

LARA SWAPNET starts 9/25/2022 after the LARA check-in net 

then SWAPNET goes on the air every other week

SwapNet Items for Sale


For Sale: AnyTone AT-D868UV Dual Band (2M/70cm) Analog and DMR Handheld Transceiver. Transmits up to 7 Watts, and, supports 200,000 digital contacts. The radio comes with a battery, charger, two antennas(1 stock, and 1 aftermarket), hand microphone, programming cable, manual, and programming software. Condition very good. Asking $110.00

For Sale: AnyTone AT-778UV Dual Band (2M/70cm) Mobile Transceiver 25 Watts output. Includes extra hand microphone, hand cigarette lighter power adapter, programming cable, manual, and programming software. Condition very good Asking $100.00

Contact Hector at 716-867-1121 or Email at


For Sales: Kenwood 590S  excellent condition asking $800.00, or best offer. Comes with a Heil HM12 desk mic.   Contact Charley KA2UWG  at 716 778 7894   


For Sales: Kenwood TH-F6a 3 band handheld 2m/ 220/ 440 plus general coverage receive asking $125.00Also Dentron MT 3000a 3kw tuner with balun,  300watt dummy load, $175.00 BO. Contact Jim  KB2JM at 716 622-9474



I have the following items that I would like to list in the “For Sale” section of the Swapnet.  I have as follows:

One Hallicrafters SX-140 Receiver that produces static audio but does not tune anything in.

One Hallicrafters HT-40 Transmitter that does not transmit.  The individual that sold the transmitter to me said it kept burning out a 20 Ohm resister that was near the power supply.  For the heck of it, I put in a 50 Watt 20 Ohm resister to see if I could troubleshoot it further.  The  resistor does not burn out anymore, but it does not transmit.

The Hallicrafters radios are projects and I would accept the best offer on these.  I’m sure someone can get them working right.

Also, One Drake R4B Receiver, One Drake MS4 Power Supply/Speaker, Two Drake T4X Transmitters. One thing to note is that someone replaced the original microphone input with a ¼ inch microphone input on one of the transmitters.  These all worked the last time I used them.

I don’t know what to ask for the Drakes, so I would be willing to entertain any reasonable offer on these.

Also, One Tektronix Type 453 Dual Trace 50 MHz Oscilliscope, and One BK Precision E-200D RF Signal Generator The test equipment is all in proper working order.  Again, I would be willing to entertain any reasonable offer on these.

I can be reached by email at or by cell phone at 716.864.8729 (I prefer texting but we can set up a phone call if desired).

Asking for all the equipment listed bas bundle $500.00 or best offer. 

The pictures for all of the items for sale can be seen by clicking on the following link 

I thought that it would be easier to share a link with everyone rather than sending large files all over the place.

 I have the manuals for most of the items in original format, reprinted format or pdf files. 

Thank you very much, 73,

Richard Dale Fennell Jr. – W2NF


A Want: Gary WB2GLU needs  7 mast poles preferred aluminum  over fiberglass contact:716 433 3132